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Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones
Lead Engineer

Radial Magnet handles all our commercial and industrial magnet needs. There is no room for error or delay in this industry, and any mishaps result in millions of dollars in loss so we have to have full faith in Radial Magnet in order to rely on them. We vetted their owner and company thoroughly before adding them to our Authorized Vendor List and they have been incredibly reliable and efficient at every phase since being approved, rewarding our decision tenfold.

John Smith
Michael Williams
Director of Product Oversight

We utilize Radial Magnet as our primary source for sensor magnets. So far so good. Three years running and not a single issue of note. We’ve had to change the master specs twice and each time the delivered PO’s adjusted accordingly. I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone more knowledgeable about magnets than Harold, the Owner, and the inventory we receive from their factories is always right, making my job easier and taking one stress off my plate.

Buy Neodymium Magnets and Rare Earth Magnets

At Radial Magnets, we sell Neodymium magnets and assemblies because there simply is no stronger type of magnet. For any and all of your magnetic needs, Radial Magnets offers an extensive variety of magnets made of Neodymium.

Understanding Neodymium Magnets

While some people instantly know what neodymium magnets are and what they have the capability of doing, others may not understand what’s different about this type of magnet in comparison to any other, such as ceramic magnets or natural magnets. Being classified as one of the Rare Earth magnets, Neodymium magnets are known to be the absolute strongest permanent magnets. Despite having such great strength, these neodymium magnets are still low-cost. It is part of the Rare Earth magnets category because of the fact that the magnet is made from the Rare Earth elements listed in the periodic table. A Neodymium magnet consists mainly of Neodymium (Nd), Iron (Fe), and Boron (B). Another name for neodymium magnets is NIB magnets because of the elements involved. Together, the chemical structure reads NdFeB.

Facts About Neodymium as an Element

Neodymium was discovered in 1885 by an Austrian scientist, Carl Auer von Welsbach, who also discovered praseodymium simultaneously. Even though it is as common as other elements like nickel, copper, and cobalt, Neodymium cannot be found out in nature. The element is typically found in monazite and bastnasite minerals. Compared to the rest of the Rare Earth metals, Neodymium is greatly reactive, which causes it to disperse into the air.

Uses for Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets

If you aren’t familiar with neodymium magnets, then you probably haven’t realized they are used for common applications, such as for the making of jewelry, toys, and technology devices. These magnets are more widespread than the public may think. Neodymium magnets could even be in your iPhone and iPad! Uses for neodymium magnets extends much further than this though. They are used for electrical motor production, medical practices, scientific experiments, and technology advancements. More products where Neodymium magnets are involved include hard disk drives, microphones, earphones, loudspeakers, motors, and medical scanning technology. Aside from being used to aid in the production of these massive resources, these neodymium magnets can be used for less complex activities such as for arts and crafts, as well as with projects for home renovation.

Strength of Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium magnets have iron in them, which causes its characteristics to match other matters with a high susceptibility for attraction. Because Neodymium magnets are so strong, they can crack or break if the attraction occurs at too quick of a speed. Neodymium magnets, also referred to in abbreviation as neos, don’t need to be big in their size to prove their strength. This type of Rare Earth magnets can pull and attract even when a tiny size.

Options for Neodymium Magnets

We sell different types of magnets composed of Neodymium, such as block magnets, disk and rod magnets, metric magnets, pot magnets, ring magnets, sensor magnets, and true radial magnets. Whether you need a specific sized sensor magnet or rod magnet, we have different sizes for each type so your magnetic projects can go accordingly. Since the uses for Neodymium are so versatile, we make it a point to carry just as versatile options when it comes to sizes and type.

Some projects and uses may require Neodymium magnets be extremely tiny, such as in cases where it may be used for door catches. Other uses, such as in the case for medical purposes, may require larger magnets for things like Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI scanning machines.

Neodymium Magnets in MRI Scanner

The most essential part of an MRI scanning machine is its magnet – the neodymium magnet, to be precise. To best understand the strength, an MRI scanner uses a Tesla as the unit of measurement. While another measurement for magnets is the gauss. One Tesla is equivalent to 10,000 gauss. To put this in better perspective, MRI scanner’s have magnets that can range up to 3.0-Tesla, or 30,000-gauss. The planet has a magnetic field that measures to .5-gauss – a mere fraction of the magnet’s capabilities. These Neodymium magnets are so powerful that certain safety measures must be taken during an MRI. It is important to be mindful of objects and materials on person because the magnet can attract any metal material – right where the patient being scanned is lying.

Other Rare Earth Magnets

The only other type of Rare Earth magnets includes samarium cobalt (also listed as SmCo). In the 1970s, Samarium Cobalt magnets were the first of the Rare Earth magnets to be created. It wasn’t until 1984 that neodymium magnets were introduced. Because Samarium Cobalt magnets can be used in both high and low temperatures, it gives the magnet the benefit of having a far wider temperature range than others, such as Neodymium magnets. Samarium Cobalt can surpass Neodymium in high temperatures from 150 degrees Celsius, whereas typically Neodymium is far more powerful. To be fair, Neodymium can only reach 80 degrees Celsius to still be considered operable. With the ability to continue magnetization at -273 degrees Celsius, Samarium Cobalt is ideal for projects involving extremely low temperatures.

Maximum Energy Product (BHmax)

Magnets, whether one of the Rare Earth magnets or a ceramic magnet, are measured in strength with BHmax, which is the maximum energy product. The unit of measurement for BHmax is MegaGauss Oersted, or in abbreviation as MGOe. A large BHmax means it is a more powerful magnet, whereas a smaller BHmax means it is weaker. Being the strongest magnet, Neodymium holds a BHmax of 40 while Samarium Cobalt comes in at a close second with a BHmax of 26. Ceramic magnets can hardly compare with their BHmax of 3.5!

Ceramic Magnets vs. Neodymium Magnets

While Neodymium magnets are clearly the strongest of Rare Earth Magnets and all types of magnets, it doesn’t mean there are not positive traits in ceramic magnets. A ceramic magnet can attract rather simply. Ceramic magnets can withstand wear and tear within reasonable conditions, which means they typically do not require additional coatings as a protective layer. These magnets also surpass natural magnets in strength, though again, nothing compares to the strength of Neodymium magnets. The capabilities of a Neodymium magnet are endless and these types of magnets can attract more than magnets of similar size can.

When it comes to all of your magnetic needs, Radial Magnet is the number one choice for Neodymium magnets and assemblies. No matter the size or use, these Neodymium magnets are sure to please any purchaser. The capabilities of Neodymium magnets are incredible, and there are so many different uses for the strongest magnet on the planet. Why wouldn’t you want to see what Neodymium magnets are really all about?

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